Luke Norris’ career in design began after a work experience stint in his last year of high school for an advertising agency. Immediately he was offered a 1 year internship and spent the next 5 years becoming proficient in the essential design tools, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop among others. In that time he was one of ten selected from over 1000 entrants to be accepted into Award School, being coached by some of the top Creative Directors in Australia in print, film, radio, copywriting & outdoor advertising. By the end of this time, he had worked his way to Art Director.

Luke then gave in to his calling to visit and move to New York City. He spent 6 months studying the finer points of film editing at the New York Edit Centre using Final Cut Pro. On his return to Australia, he free-lanced, building a client base large enough to start his own design studio; Tuhi Creative (www.tuhi.com.au) (pronounced ‘too hee’). At Tuhi, Luke channelled his Maori heritage and further honed his skills in creative communicate through writing, sketching, stitching and gesticulating.

Tuhi has grown to build a team of graphic designers, web designers & web marketing specialists. Luke and his team have worked on a large variety of projects from sushi packaging design, fashion parades, shop interiors, styling & websites.

Luke’s strength has always been his diversity in any creative field, a good eye, communicating with vastly different people and his ability to foresee future trends and act on them. He is hungrier than ever to try new things in the creative industry and further broaden his considerable knowledge & skill set.

Among his achievements in the world of design and advertising, Luke was also named one of Australia’s Cleo Bachelor’s of the year for 2009.

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