Terry Urban + Orisue Clothing Present Songs To Skate To

Tracklist –

1. Songs To Skate To Intro
2. Iron Maiden_Hallowed Be Thy Name (Jamie Thomas: Toy Machine_Welcome To Hell)
3. Cam’ron_Wet Wipes (Lizard King & Theotis Beasley: Baker_Baker Has A Deathwish)
4. Danzig_Mother (Erik Ellington: Zero_Thrill Of It All)
5. Gangstarr_Words From The Nutcracker (Mike Carroll: Girl_Goldfish)
6. Ol Dirty Bastard_Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Lindsey Robertson: Mystery_Black & White)
7. Circle Jerks_Wild In The Streets (Thrashin)
8. Public Enemy_Harder Than You Think (Eric Koston: Lakai_Fully Flared)
9. Jimmy Cliff _The Harder They Come (Lavar McBride: World Industries_Trilogy)
10. Monk The Punk Skit
11. Cream_White Room (Jermey Wray: Plan B_SHS)
12. De La Soul_Eye Know (Daewon Song: World Industries_New World Order)
13. Justice_D.A.N.C.E. (Greg Lutska: Globe_United By Fate)
14. The Moody Blues_Knights In White Satin (Heath Kirchart: Transworld_Sight Unseen)
15. Valley Boy Skit
16. Raekwon_Incarcerated Scarfaces (Danny Supa: Nike SB_Nothing But The Truth)
17. Nas_If I Ruled The World (Kareem Campbell: World Industries_Trilogy)
18. Band Of Horses_The Funeral (Guy Mariano: Lakai_Fully Flared)
19. Q Lazzarus_Goodbye Horses (Marc Johnson: Lakai_Fully Flared)
20. Gleaming The Cube Skit
21. Gangstarr_Work (Kenny Hughes: Element_Third Eye View)
22. Nas_Made You Look (P-Rod: Girl_Yeah Right)
23. New York Dolls_Jet Boy (Jim Greco: Baker_Baker Has A Deathwish)
24. Emanuel Bloom Skit
25. Metallica_Orion (Danny Way: DC_The Video)
26. Aerosmith_Dream On (Rodney Mullen:Plan B_SHS)
27. Nina Simone_Feeling Good (Shane Cross: Lions Den_Ruthless)



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