Fincube By Studio Aisslinger

It is a nomadic home that an easily be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site. The prototype of this small and transportable house is located in Ritten, South Tyrol, Italy.

Natural high-techì is the concept of this new modular, sustainable & transportable low-energy house. Made entirely of local wood, the building provides 47 m≤ of living space with a minimal CO2 footprint: local suppliers and local crafts using local long-lasting and recyclable materials manufactured with the precision and care of tyrolese handwork. The Fincube is a materialized vision of a small housing unit with a long lifecycle. It can easily be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site, and even more important for nature hideaways: it requires minimum soil sealing – just 2 m≤ that are easily renatured after the Fincube is moved to another location.


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