mastermind JAPAN Loses Exclusive Rights to Skull Logo?


mastermind JAPAN was recently involved in a legal battle with fellow Japanese brand Roen after mastermind JAPAN claimed that Roen’s similar use of a stylized skull and crossbones logo constituted a violation of its trademark rights.

The friction between the two started as late as last year when mastermind JAPAN Co., LTD issued a warning to Roen on both March 11 and June 1 before filing to have Roen’s registration of its trademark invalidated. On December 3, Roen lost the rights to its skull logo and subsequently sought to have the motion repealed by presenting its case to the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan on January 10, 2013.

Although mastermind JAPAN has on several occasions issued warnings surrounding its logo to merchants selling similar products, this is the first time it has faced a lawsuit from another brand. As for Roen, the oral proceedings of its case will take place today. Stay tuned for further info.


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