This Is Not A Toy Exhibition Curated by Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell‘s latest stint in the art world is as Guest Curator for “This Is Not A Toy” alongside Curator John Wee Tom and DX Associate Curator Sara Nickleson. The visually-striking exhibition showcases contemporary sculptures, figurines and artworks at Toronto’s Design Museum, Design Exchange. As the museum’s president explains,

Pharrell’s involvement is really due to the fact that he’s so passionate about the genre and explains that urban vinyl and collectible design is what brought him into the world of contemporary art.

Featuring works by Takashi Murakami, KAWS, Coarse, Huck Gee, FriendsWithYou and others, the exhibition approaches toys as a reflection of contemporary culture and contemporary design. The exhibition is now open and is on view until May 19.

Design Exchange
234 Bay Street
Toronto, Canada
M5K 1B2


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