5 of the Best Looks from Paris/New York/London Fashion Weeks Illustrated by Uli Knörzer

5-of-the-best-trends-from-parisnew-yorklondon-street-style-reports-illustrated-by-uli-knorzer-01-1920x1280 5-of-the-best-trends-from-parisnew-yorklondon-street-style-reports-illustrated-by-uli-knorzer-02-1920x1280 5-of-the-best-trends-from-parisnew-yorklondon-street-style-reports-illustrated-by-uli-knorzer-03-1920x1280 5-of-the-best-trends-from-parisnew-yorklondon-street-style-reports-illustrated-by-uli-knorzer-04-1920x1280 5-of-the-best-trends-from-parisnew-yorklondon-street-style-reports-illustrated-by-uli-knorzer-05-1920x1280

For Highsnobiety latest feature, the have teamed up with Berlin-based illustrator Uli Knörzer for a series of images that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Celebrating the beauty of transient moments, the main focal point through most of his art is the human being, whose emotions and expressions he captures in minimal, yet precise sketches. Here, Uli showcases his skills by reflecting on some of the best looks from our ever-popular Street Style reports.


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