EDM Trap Mix March 2014: Mixed by Fuzzi Kittenz


Track List:

1) Tipping Point by Regulators & SaneBeats : www.trapmusic.net/track/tipping-po…nt-by-regulators

2) Open Up Your Eyes by Paces (Chiefs Remix): Chilltrap – Open-up-your-eyes-by-paces

3) WYLIN by Paper Diamond & LOUDPVCK: www.trapmusic.net/track/whylin-by-paper-diamond

4) Click Clack by Buku: www.trapmusic.net/track/click-clack-by-buku

5) RUBBR by ETC!ETC! & Snails + Reach for the Stars by Major Lazer ft. Wyclef Jean (Jamtech Remix) – EDM.com Exclusive (F**K! ‘Shup):www.trapmusic.net/track/rubbr-by-snails-etc-etc –www.trapmusic.net/track/reach-for-…e-stars-by-major

6) Bringing Wobble Back by Dodge & Fuski ft. Splitbreed:www.trapmusic.net/track/bring-wobble-back-by-dodge

7) FLAPJVCKS by Woolymammoth & Cal Strange (Tincup Remix):www.trapmusic.net/track/flapjvcks-…woolymammoth-cal

8) See No Evil by TroyBoi – EDM.com Exclusive: www.trapmusic.net/track/see-no-evi…-troyboi-edm-com

9) Electrify by Grimm: @chilltrap

10) Pyramid by Eliminate: www.trapmusic.net/track/pyramid-by-eliminate

11) Knall by Daniel Étienne (Crystal Knives Remix):www.trapmusic.net/track/knall-by-d…l-tienne-crystal

12) XL by Eliminate ft. Sol. Raze (F**K! Edit): www.trapmusic.net/track/xl-by-elim…nate-ft-sol-raze

13)Flute by New World Sound & Thomas Newson (Tomsize & Simeon Festival Trap Remix): www.trapmusic.net/track/flute-by-new-world-sound

14) Flip by Millions Like Us: www.trapmusic.net/track/flip-by-millions-like-us

15) Kaiju by XVII: www.trapmusic.net/track/kaiju-by-xvii

16) Really Real by Rise At Night ft. Germfree (Kennedy Jones Remix) – TrapMusic.NET Premiere : www.trapmusic.net/track/really-rea…by-rise-at-night

17) Cry Baby by Mayhem & Antiserum : www.trapmusic.net/track/cry-baby-b…mayhem-antiserum

18) Identical by $aturn – EDM.com Exclusive: www.trapmusic.net/track/follow-me-down-by-aturn-ft



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