ONYX Sofa by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab

onyx-sofa-by-pierre-gimbergues-for-peugeot-design-lab-03-960x640 onyx-sofa-by-pierre-gimbergues-for-peugeot-design-lab-04-960x640 onyx-sofa-by-pierre-gimbergues-for-peugeot-design-lab-05-960x640 onyx-sofa-by-pierre-gimbergues-for-peugeot-design-lab-06-960x640 onyx-sofa-by-pierre-gimbergues-for-peugeot-design-lab-08-960x640

The ONYX sofa is a three-meter-long seat made of carbon fiber and Volvic lava stone. Presented for the first time at this year’s Milan Design Week, the ONYX sofa is the demonstration of a made to measure furnishing concept dreamed up by Peugeot Design Lab. The sofa is the latest in a series of unique pieces of furniture which always respects a common idea: the union, via a pronounced clear cut, between hyper-technological materials like carbon fiber, glass and aluminum, and raw and natural materials like rock, wood and stone. This specific ONYX sofa has been priced at $185,585 USD. Since the sofa is made to measure, pricing will depend on the cost of the materials chosen by each client. This particular model took designer Pierre Gimbergues a total of 70 work days to make. For more information head on over to Peugeot Design Lab.


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