HK Art Fair 2012: Opening Night

Imagine a space the size of a football field. Now picture two levels that size filled with some of the biggest artists from around the world’s work on display. It’s one of the best visual feasts I’ve ever seen. This is the second year attending the fair and this time I was more prepared for the volume and quality of work I’d be seeing. After spending the grand opening Wednesday night I only got a taste of what was on display so I went back again yesterday and spent a solid three hours walking around looking at all the work. If you’re in Hong Kong over the next few days it’s a must to go check out. I was lucky enough to meet Michael Lau who is one of the original urban vinyl figurine artists who’s work I’ve been collecting. An extra treat was having a close family friend ‘Pia’ from Australia in town, who is here for the week working at one of the exhibitions for the fair. Great to see you Pee!

I apologies my dodgy iPhone pics don’t do it justice.

HK Art Fair Week 2012


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