Zaha Hadid Superyachts for Blohm + Voss

zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-1 zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-3 zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-5 zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-6 zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-7 zaha-hadid-superyachts-for-blohm-voss-8

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid has prominently featured across numerous structures of note. Hadid’s newest project translatse the powerful curves she is known for into the context of seafaring vehicles, namely two conceptual super yachts for German shipbuilder Blohm + Voss. A 128-meter yacht was created as the focal piece of this project, complimented by five smaller mock-ups titled “The Unique Circle Yachts” modeled in a similar vein.


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