Nike Robotics by Simeon Georgiev

nike-robotics-simeon-georgiev-01-1920x1107 nike-robotics-simeon-georgiev-2-1920x1107

Following his LEGO Streetwear Figurine project, Bulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev presents a new series of designs exclusively for Highsnobiety. The renderings are based on the desires of futuristic, intelligent humanoid robots. Undoubtedly, either the robots themselves or their owners will want then to look stylish, and as such, Georgiev took Nike‘s Air Max 1 and Roshe Run silhouettes and adapted them for the future. The sneakers expand on the sporting giant’s iconic designs – maintaining each pair’s distinct lines and elements – and update them with a blocky, rigid feel. The theme is continued throughout with clean, simple color panels and lacing systems more advanced than Marty McFly’s Power Laces. The effect is seamless integration from the sole of the sneaker to the joints and legs of the robot, resulting in a flawless interpretation of two timeless silhouettes.


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