The History of the Nike Air Max


The release of the original Nike Air Max made the invisible visible, runners were hooked and the world was intrigued. What began as an experiment in cushioning by engineer Frank Rudy evolved into something more thanks to Mark Parker and designer Tinker Hatfield. The introduction and development of visible Air altered the future of footwear. “Tinker’s background in structural design allowed him to architect a new dynasty in sportswear,” says Nike. “Postmodern Parisian towers, with transparent walkways and bold pops of color, would prove instrumental to the final Air Max design.”

Honoring 27 years of greatness, Nike has declared March 26 to be Air Max Day. To celebrate the special occasion, the sportswear giant will be releasing the Nike Air Max 1 “Air Max Day” edition. For more on the history of the Air Max be sure to visit the brand’s official website.


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