McDonalds: Our Food, Your Questions Campaign

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Campaign Brief Article –

Since launching ‘Our Food, Your Questions’ via DDB Sydney, McDonald’s Australia has received over 3,500 questions from Australians keen to find out more, and understand, everything about the famous Macca’s menu.

Announced through PR, ‘Our Food, Your Questions’ is an online platform that allows consumers from across the country to have an honest conversation with McDonald’s through a dedicated website.

McDonald’s has committed to answering every food question that is asked via the website, with a dedicated Response Team that includes McDonald’s Australia subject matter experts and copywriters, on hand to analyse, research and respond to queries. A combination of written answers,images, infographics and videos are being used to answer questions in credible and engaging ways.

Says Mark Lollback, McDonald’s Australia, chief marketing officer: “We decided to launch Our Food, Your Questions here after seeing how well received it was in Canada. We believe that Australians want to be able to explore McDonald’s on an entirely new level and this platform – with an Aussie spin – allows us to enable just that.”

The local Our Food, Your Questions initiative has been developed and implemented by DDB Group Sydney, including Tribal Worldwide and Mango Sydney, OMD, OMD Word and PPR Sydney.

Says Lollback: “It’s been great to see so many of our agency partners collaborating with stakeholders from right across our business to make Our Food, Your Questions a reality. There’s a lot of work going into making sure we’re giving Australians the information they want about our food, on the channels that they want to hear about it.

“This initiative is not a flash in the pan – it’s going to be a constant and long-term forum that we’ll be using to allow people to ask their questions and get personal responses. Our Food, Your Questions will allow us to do what we can to give people the information they’re looking for.”

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