Pixelwood: Animated GIFs of famous movies by Dusan Cezek

pixel-art-dusan-cezek-01 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-02 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-03 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-04 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-05 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-06 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-07 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-08 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-09 pixel-art-dusan-cezek-10

Love this personal project by Slovakian designer Dusan Cezek featuring a series of quirky 8-bit style animated GIFs.

“Each GIF depicts a famous scene from an iconic movie, like John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson whipping out their guns in unison in Pulp Fiction. Also featured are comic book characters like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Wolverine’.”


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